November 11, 2016

Current – Eat Your Heart Out



Like so many of us, when you move away from the place you grew up and your family is either back home or scattered around the country (like my family is), your friends become a new kind of family. And I was so happy to shoot this story for Current because of that. Since Kuniko is from Japan, this little Los Angeles friend group has become her satellite family – sharing meals together regularly, which Kuniko always prepares. The Current team and I were lucky enough to join that family for the day… cooking, eating great food, and taking some family photos.


Styled by Alison Lewis
Props by Jennifer Barguiarena
Food styling by Caroline K Hwang
Talent: Kuniko Yagi, Jim Blechman, Fernando Mata, Kimberly Giron Buenrostro, Ray Giron

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